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Icon contest for BBC's Robin Hood
1.) No animation whatsoever is allowed in your icon.
2.) Do not use or display your icon until the contest has been completed.
3.) You must use the base provided. Do not submit an icon you have made from a similar image.
4.) You are not allowed to vote for your own icon. What's the fun in that?
5.) All icons entered must fit Live Journal's standards: GIF, JPG, or PNG format, and no larger than 40 kb or 100x100.
6.) Only 1 icon per contest.
7.) Please keep your icon clean. Thank you =). (Fandom jokes such as "tree!porn" aside, of course ;D.)
8.) If you fail to follow these rules your icon will be disqualified.
9.) Please do not take any of the icons used in the contest without the maker's permission. We do encourage members to submit their icons, even if they do not win, to an icon community such as robinhoodicons after the contest is over.
Icons should be submitted under the name you wish to be displayed on your banner should you win. If you would like to be credited at your icon journal, then submit under that account. Please submit the images using a reliable host that allows remote linking, such as photobucket.com. When submissions are opened, there will be a post where you can submit your icon in a screened reply. Please submit your icon as well as the source url where the icon can be found.


Monday- Challenge posted.
Friday at 11 pm EST- Icon submission is due.
Saturday and Sunday- Voting takes place, both for winning icons and the next challenge's picture.
Monday- Winners announced, new challenge begins.
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